Jun 22, 2019Midweek Youth CupWebSiteResults
Jun 15, 2019The Blue Mountains Gran FondoWebSiteResults
Jun 2, 2019K-W Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 26, 2019Quinte Criterium p/b Sea Otter CanadaWebSiteResults
May 25, 2019Northumberland Classic p/b Sea Otter CanadaWebSiteResults
May 20, 2019Delaware Speedway Youth Cup p/b KWCAWebSiteResults
May 19, 2019Flamboro Speedway Youth Cup p/b KWCAWebSiteResults
May 18, 2019Steve Bauer Classic / Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
May 5, 2019Ontario Police College CriteriumWebSiteResults
Apr 28, 201926th Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 28, 2019The Calabogie ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 21, 2019Hell of the NorthWebSiteResults
Apr 19, 2019Mosport Classic p/b Sea Otter CanadaWebSiteResults
Apr 14, 2019Steaming NostrilWebSiteResults
Apr 12, 2019Canadian Track Championships (JR/U17/Para)WebSiteResults
Mar 1, 2019Track Provincials p/b Mercedes-Benz OakvilleWebSiteResults
Feb 9, 2019Track Ontario Cup #3 p/b Mercedes-Benz OakvilleWebSiteResults
Jan 18, 2019Western Track ChallengeWebSiteResults
Jan 13, 2019Track Ontario Cup #2 p/b Mercedes-Benz OakvilleWebSiteResults
Dec 2, 2018Track Ontario Cup #1 p/b Mercedes-Benz OakvilleWebSiteResults
Nov 18, 2018Ontario Provincial Cyclo-Cross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 17, 2018Riverside Rumble CXWebSiteResults
Nov 11, 2018Shimano PTBO CX UCI C2WebSiteResults
Nov 10, 2018Shimano Canadian Cyclocross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 4, 2018The Silver Goose CX - Pam Am Elite WebSiteResults
Nov 3, 2018The Silver Goose CX - Pam Am Masters / UCI C2 WebSiteResults
Oct 21, 2018Sherbrooke CX - UCI C2 - SundayWebSiteResults
Oct 21, 2018United Lumber & Truss Dam CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 20, 2018Sherbrooke CX - UCI C2 - SaturdayWebSiteResults
Oct 20, 2018Mad Cross WebSiteResults
Oct 14, 2018Toronto Cross p/b The Velo Love Bike ShopWebSiteResults
Oct 13, 2018Jack.org Everesting Bike ChallengeWebSiteResults
Oct 7, 2018Hardwood CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 6, 2018Batty CrossWebSiteResults
Sep 27, 2018Canadian Track Championships (Elite/Master)WebSiteResults
Sep 23, 2018We Need More Cowbell Episode XIWebSiteResults
Sep 13, 2018USA Cycling Collegiate Track ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Sep 2, 2018Tour Di Via ItaliaWebSiteResults
Sep 1, 2018Tour di Via Italia - Youth Cup FinalWebSiteResults
Aug 18, 2018Highgate Racing Provincial Time Trial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 11, 2018Cobourg Gran PrixWebSiteResults
Aug 5, 2018Ontario Summer Games - Road Team Time TrialWebSiteResults
Aug 5, 2018Ontario Summer Games - Road RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 4, 2018Ontario Summer Games - Road Points CriteriumWebSiteResults
Aug 4, 2018Ontario Summer Games - Road Sprint ChallengeWebSiteResults
Aug 3, 2018Ontario Summer Games - MTB Team RelayWebSiteResults
Aug 3, 2018Ontario Summer Games - MTB Cross CountryWebSiteResults
Aug 2, 2018Ontario Summer Games - MTB Short TrackWebSiteResults
Aug 2, 2018Ontario Summer Games - MTB EliminatorWebSiteResults
Jul 29, 2018War On The Shore #3WebSiteResults
Jul 28, 2018Fieldstone Criterium of CambridgeWebSiteResults
Jul 27, 2018Kitchener Twilight Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Jul 21, 2018Franklin Templeton Investments Youth CupWebSiteResults
Jul 21, 2018Max's Big ClimbWebSiteResults
Jun 16, 2018The Blue Mountains Gran Fondo - Road RaceWebSiteResults
Jun 14, 2018The Blue Mountains Gran Fondo - Time TrialWebSiteResults
Jun 9, 2018Tour de SpeedWebSiteResults
Jun 3, 2018K-W Classic Road Race - Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
May 27, 2018Quinte CriteriumWebSiteResults
May 21, 2018Delaware Speedway Firecracker - Youth Grand PrixWebSiteResults
May 19, 2018Jordan Engineering Steve Bauer ClassicWebSiteResults
May 12, 2018Northumberland ClassicWebSiteResults
May 6, 2018Ontario Police College CriteriumWebSiteResults
May 5, 2018CLM Thule de GranbyWebSiteResults
Apr 29, 201825th Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 22, 2018The Calabogie ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 13, 2018Cdn Track Championships p/b Lexus (U17/Jr/Para)WebSiteResults
Apr 8, 2018Steaming NostrilWebSiteResults
Apr 1, 2018Hell of the NorthWebSiteResults
Mar 30, 2018Mosport ClassicWebSiteResults
Mar 2, 2018Track Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Feb 16, 2018Western ChallengeWebSiteResults
Feb 10, 2018Track Ontario Cup #3WebSiteResults
Jan 14, 2018Track Ontario Cup #2WebSiteResults
Dec 10, 2017Track Ontario Cup #1WebSiteResults
Nov 26, 2017The Riverside RumbleWebSiteResults
Nov 12, 2017United Lumber & Truss Dam CrossWebSiteResults
Nov 11, 2017maD CrossWebSiteResults
Nov 5, 2017Guelph CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 28, 2017Canadian Cyclocross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Oct 22, 2017The Silver Goose SundayWebSiteResults
Oct 21, 2017The Silver Goose SaturdayWebSiteResults
Oct 15, 201711th Annual Baseball CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 8, 2017Hardwood CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 1, 2017The Cyclepath Cyclocross ClassicWebSiteResults
Sep 28, 2017Cdn Track Championships p/b Lexus (Elite/Master)WebSiteResults
Sep 27, 2017Invictus Games Toronto CriteriumWebSiteResults
Sep 26, 2017Invictus Games Toronto Time TrialWebSiteResults
Sep 24, 2017We Need More Cowbell XWebSiteResults
Sep 23, 2017Day of the Hour p/b Mercedes Benz OakvilleWebSiteResults
Sep 3, 2017Tour di Via ItaliaWebSiteResults
Sep 2, 2017Tour di Via Italia Youth Cup FinalWebSiteResults
Aug 20, 2017Bike the Bruce Road RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 19, 2017Bike the Bruce Time TrialWebSiteResults
Aug 12, 2017Midweek Youth CupWebSiteResults
Aug 5, 2017Tourism London Youth Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Jul 30, 2017Canada Summer GamesWebSiteResults
Jul 29, 2017Fieldstone Criterium of CambridgeWebSiteResults
Jul 28, 2017Kitchener Twilight Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Jul 23, 2017Ontario Time Trial Series - Event #3WebSiteResults
Jul 22, 2017The Ossington CritWebSiteResults
Jul 15, 2017Max's Big ClimbWebSiteResults
Jun 24, 2017Katie's Run for EpilepsyWebSiteResults
Jun 17, 2017Grey County Road RaceWebSiteResults
Jun 15, 2017Grey County Time TrialWebSiteResults
Jun 11, 2017Ontario Time Trial Series - Event #2WebSiteResults
Jun 4, 2017K-W Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
Jun 4, 2017Ride For Health - CancelledWebSiteResults
Jun 3, 2017Tour de SpeedWebSiteResults
May 28, 2017Racetiming.ca Ontario Cup CriteriumWebSiteResults
May 27, 2017Honda Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 22, 2017Delaware Speedway Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 20, 2017Steve Bauer ClassicWebSiteResults
May 13, 2017Canada Summer Games Test EventWebSiteResults
May 7, 201749th Annual Springbank Road RacesWebSiteResults
May 6, 2017Ontario Time Trial Series - Event #1WebSiteResults
Apr 30, 201724th Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 29, 2017P2A Pro CriteriumWebSiteResults
Apr 23, 2017The Calabogie Road ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 16, 2017Hell of the NorthWebSiteResults
Apr 14, 2017Good Friday Road RaceWebSiteResults
Apr 9, 2017Steaming NostrilWebSiteResults
Mar 31, 2017Cdn Track Championships p/b Lexus (U17/Jr/Para)WebSiteResults
Mar 3, 20172017 Track Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Feb 23, 2017Western ChallengeWebSiteResults
Feb 11, 2017Track Ontario Cup #3 - Eastern ChallengeWebSiteResults
Jan 29, 2017Sugar Shack Hustle Fat Bike ScambleWebSiteResults
Jan 15, 2017Track Ontario Cup #2WebSiteResults
Dec 4, 2016Track Ontario Cup #1WebSiteResults
Nov 13, 2016The Silver Goose - Provincial CX ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 5, 2016Canadian Cyclocross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 4, 2016CX Sherbrooke Relay RaceWebSiteResults
Oct 30, 2016Dam CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 29, 2016maD CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 23, 2016Vaughan Cyclocross ClassicWebSiteResults
Oct 22, 2016Guelph CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 16, 2016Firemen's Park CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 9, 2016Hardwood Cross WebSiteResults
Oct 8, 201610th Annual Baseball CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 2, 2016Toronto CrossWebSiteResults
Sep 29, 2016Milton International Challenge p/b LexusWebSiteResults
Sep 24, 2016Canadian Elite/Master/Para Track ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Sep 25, 2016Tour de HansWebSiteResults
Sep 7, 2016Stephen's Ride for HumanityWebSiteResults
Sep 4, 2016Tour di Via ItaliaWebSiteResults
Sep 3, 2016Integrity Tool & Mold Youth Cup FinalWebSiteResults
Aug 28, 2016Bike the Bruce Road RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 27, 2016Bike the Bruce Individual Time TrialWebSiteResults
Aug 21, 2016Ontario Para-Cycling Series - Road RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 21, 2016Provincial Criterium ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 20, 2016Ontario Para-Cycling Series - Time TrialWebSiteResults
Aug 20, 2016Midweek Youth CupWebSiteResults
Aug 13, 2016Ontario Summer Games - RoadWebSiteResults
Aug 11, 2016Ontario Summer Games - MTBWebSiteResults
Aug 7, 2016Tourism London Ontario CupWebSiteResults
Aug 6, 2016Tourism London Youth Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Aug 1, 2016Tour de Terra CottaWebSiteResults
Aug 1, 2016Tour de Terra Cotta Youth RaceWebSiteResults
Jul 23, 2016The Ossington CritWebSiteResults
Jul 23, 2016The Ossington Crit Fixed Gear RaceWebSiteResults
Jul 23, 2016Max's Big ClimbWebSiteResults
Jul 10, 2016The Campbellville O-Cup CriteriumWebSiteResults
Jun 18, 2016Racetiming.ca Time TrialWebSiteResults
Jun 11, 2016Tour de SpeedWebSiteResults
Jun 5, 2016KW Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
Jun 4, 2016Trillium Trail Blazers Youth RaceWebSiteResults
May 29, 2016Grey County Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 27, 2016Grey County Time TrialWebSiteResults
May 23, 2016Delaware Speedway Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 21, 2016Steve Bauer ClassicWebSiteResults
May 8, 2016Mother's Day Ontario CupWebSiteResults
May 7, 2015Morning Glory CriteriumWebSiteResults
May 7, 2016Morning Glory Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 1, 201648th Annual Springbank Road RacesWebSiteResults
Apr 24, 201623rd Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 17, 2016The Calabogie Road ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 3, 2016Steaming NostrilWebSiteResults
Apr 1, 20162016 U17 / Jr Track NationalsWebSiteResults
Mar 27, 2016Hell of the NorthWebSiteResults
Mar 4, 20162016 Track Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Feb 27, 2016Polar RushWebSiteResults
Feb 27, 20162016 Track Youth Cup #3WebSiteResults
Feb 23, 2016Milton Cycling Racing Academy - Race Night #7WebSiteResults
Feb 13, 20162016 Track Ontario Cup #3WebSiteResults
Feb 2, 2016Milton Cycling Racing Academy - Race Night #6WebSiteResults
Jan 30, 20162016 Track Youth Cup #2WebSiteResults
Jan 24, 20162016 Track Ontario Cup #2WebSiteResults
Jan 16, 2016Albion Hills Fat Bike FestivalWebSiteResults
Dec 20, 20152016 Track Ontario Cup #1WebSiteResults
Dec 5, 20152016 Track Youth Cup #1WebSiteResults
Nov 22, 2015Subway CrossWebSiteResults
Nov 15, 2015Ontario Cyclocross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 8, 2015Vaughan Cyclocross ClassicWebSiteResults
Nov 7, 20159th Annual Baseball CrossWebSiteResults
Nov 1, 2015The Silver GooseWebSiteResults
Oct 25, 2015Turkey CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 18, 2015Firemen's Park CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 4, 2015Toronto CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 3, 2015That Dam 'Cross RaceWebSiteResults
Sep 27, 2015Tour de HansWebSiteResults
Sep 27, 2015We Need More Cowbell IXWebSiteResults
Sep 20, 2015Dirt Squirrel CrossWebSiteResults
Sep 13, 2015Provincial Criterium ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Sep 12, 2015Tourism London Youth Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Sep 6, 2015Tour di Via ItaliaWebSiteResults
Sep 5, 2015Ciociaro CritWebSiteResults
Aug 23, 2015Provincial Road Race ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 22, 2015Provincial Time Trial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 15, 2015Crank The Shield EnduroWebSiteResults
Aug 3, 2015Tour de Terra CottaWebSiteResults
Aug 3, 2015Tour de Terra Cotta Youth RaceWebSiteResults
Jul 11, 2015Katie's Run for EpilepsyWebSiteResults
Jul 4, 2015Windsor Youth CupWebSiteResults
Jun 21, 2015Tour de WaterlooWebSiteResults
Jun 19, 2015Kitchener Twilight Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Jun 13, 2015Tour de SpeedWebSiteResults
Jun 7, 2015KW Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 30, 2015Pedal Fest Para & Criterium RacesWebSiteResults
May 30, 2015Pedal Fest Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 24, 2015Grey County Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 24, 2015Grey County Cyclo-SportifWebSiteResults
May 22, 2015Grey County Time TrialWebSiteResults
May 17, 2015Niagara Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 16, 2015Morning Glory CriteriumWebSiteResults
May 16, 2015Morning Glory Youth CupWebSiteResults
May 3, 201547th Annual Springbank Road RacesWebSiteResults
Apr 26, 201522nd Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 19, 2015The Calabogie Road ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 10, 2015Ontario Track Provincial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Apr 10, 2015#edshourWebSiteResults
Apr 3, 2015Good Friday Road RaceWebSiteResults
Mar 29, 2015Steaming NostrilWebSiteResults
Mar 27, 2015Track Ontario Cup #2WebSiteResults
Mar 7, 2015Track Youth Cup #2WebSiteResults
Feb 21, 2015Track Youth Cup #1WebSiteResults
Feb 13, 2015Track Ontario Cup #1WebSiteResults
Nov 9, 2014Ontario Provincial Cross ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Nov 2, 20148th Annual Baseball CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 26, 2014The Silver GooseWebSiteResults
Oct 19, 2014Firemen's Park CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 11, 2014Turkey CrossWebSiteResults
Oct 5, 2014Toronto CrossWebSiteResults
Sep 28, 2014We Need More Cowbell VIIIWebSiteResults
Sep 12, 2014Centurion U23 Prospect ChallengeWebSiteResults
Sep 7, 2014Provincial Time Trial ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Sep 6, 2014Youth Cup ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 31, 2014Tour Di Via ItaliaWebSiteResults
Aug 30, 2014Provincial Criterium ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Aug 24, 2014Lake of Bays Road RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 24, 2014Lake of Bays 'Share the Road' Gran FondoWebSiteResults
Aug 23, 2014Brunel Time TrialWebSiteResults
Aug 15, 2014Mississippi Mills Grand Prix Stage RaceWebSiteResults
Aug 16, 2014Mississippi Mills Grand Prix Open OmniumWebSiteResults
Aug 4, 2014Tour de Terra CottaWebSiteResults
Aug 4, 2014Tour de Terra Cotta Youth RaceWebSiteResults
Jul 27, 2014Real Deal Youth CupWebSiteResults
Jul 26, 2014Provincial Road Race ChampionshipsWebSiteResults
Jul 5, 2014Katie's Run for EpilepsyWebSiteResults
Jun 22, 2014Tour de WaterlooWebSiteResults
Jun 15, 2014Tourism London Youth Grand PrixWebSiteResults
Jun 14, 2014Delaware Speedway Youth Road RaceWebSiteResults
Jun 8, 2014KW Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 31, 2014Tour de SpeedWebSiteResults
May 18, 2014Niagara Classic Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 17, 2014Barrie Womens Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 17, 20145th Annual Barrie Youth RaceWebSiteResults
May 10, 2014Grey County 'Share the Road' CyclesportiveWebSiteResults
May 10, 2014Grey County Road RaceWebSiteResults
May 4, 201446th Annual Springbank Road RacesWebSiteResults
Apr 27, 201421st Paris to AncasterWebSiteResults
Apr 18, 2014Good Friday Road RaceWebSiteResults
Apr 13, 2014The Calabogie Road ClassicWebSiteResults
Apr 6, 2014Tour of BronteWebSiteResults
Apr 5, 2014Tour of Bronte Dirt DashWebSiteResults
Mar 23, 2014Steaming NostrilResults
Nov 10, 2013Hardwood CrossResults
Nov 9, 2013Real Deal CX ClassicResults
Oct 27, 20137th Annual Baseball CrossResults
Oct 20, 201318th Annual Toronto CrossResults
Oct 12, 2013Turkey CrossResults
Oct 6, 2013Firemen's Park CrossResults
Sep 28, 2013Tour de Hans - Jumpstart Junior CycleResults
Sep 22, 2013We Need More Cowbell VIIResults
Sep 13, 2013Centurion U23 Prospect ChallengeResults
Sep 7, 2013CHCH Youth Cup ChampionshipsResults
Sep 1, 2013Tour Di Via ItaliaResults
Aug 31, 2013Provincial Time Trial ChampionshipsResults
Aug 25, 2013Bike The Bruce Youth RaceResults
Aug 18, 2013Tourism London ChallengeResults
Aug 18, 2013Tourism London Youth Grand PrixResults
Aug 17, 2013Hamer Allen Group Creekside CritResults
Aug 17, 2013Tahoe and Buckhorn Gran PrixResults
Aug 5, 2013Tour de Terra CottaResults
Jul 28, 2013Holland Marsh ChallengeResults
Jul 20, 2013Katie's Run for EpilepsyResults
Jul 1, 2013CHIN International Bicycle RacesResults
Jun 23, 2013Tour de WaterlooResults
Jun 15, 2013Tour de SpeedResults
Jun 7, 2013Mississippi Mills Grand Prix Stage RaceResults
Jun 2, 2013KW Classic Road RaceResults
May 25, 20134th Annual Barrie Youth RaceResults
May 19, 2013Niagara Classic 2013Results
May 12, 2013Lake of Bays Road RaceResults
May 5, 201345th Annual Springbank Road RacesResults
May 4, 2013Windsor Youth RaceResults
Apr 21, 2013The Calabogie Road ClassicResults
Apr 14, 201320th Paris to AncasterResults
Apr 6, 2013Tour of BronteResults
Mar 29, 2013Good Friday Road RaceResults
Mar 24, 2013Steaming NostrilResults
Older Events
Firemen's Park Cross 2012
Baseball Cross - Provincial Championships 2012
Hardwood Cross 2012
Toronto Cyclo-Cross 2012
Real Deal CX Classic 2012
SRCC Guelph Cross 2012
Cowbell - The Microphone Assassin Shootout Cross 2012
CHCH Youth Cup Championships 2012
Tour Di Via Italia 2012
Provincial Criterium Championships 2012
Windsor Youth Race 2012
Provincial Time Trial 2012
Georgian 200 Criterium 2012
Ride All Day 2012
Horseshoe Valley Road Race 2012
Bike The Bruce ITT 2012
Holland Marsh Challenge - Provincial Road Race Championships 2012
CHIN International Bicycle Races 2012
Tour de Waterloo 2012
Giant Bicycles Lake to Lake 29er Challenge 2012
Tour de Speed Youth Race 2012
KW Classic Road Race 2012
Mississippi Mills Stage Race 2012
Niagara Classic 2012
Barrie Youth Race 2012
Springbank Road Races 2012
Tour of Bronte 2012
Calabogie Road Classic 2012
Paris to Ancaster 2012
Good Friday Road Race 2012
ZM Cycle & Fitness National's Revenge 2011
2011 Canadian Cyclo-Cross Championships Results
Hardwood Cross 2011 Results
Toronto Cross Southern Cup Race 2011 Results
Toronto Cross Citizen Race 2011 Results
Guelph Cross 2011 Results
COWBELL V: Conky's Cross Crusade 2011 Results
Tour of University Heights Youth Race - Final Points Total
Tour of University Heights Youth Race - Road Race Results
Tour of University Heights Youth Race - Time Trial Results
Provincial Time Trial Championships 2011 Results  Lap 1 Times
Niagara Classic 2011 Results
Markham Giro Youth Race - Final Points Total
Markham Giro Youth Race - Road Race Results
Markham Giro Youth Race - Time Trial Results
Provincial Road Race 2011 Results